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      KIZEN Professional Left-Handed Shears

      They say left-handed people have creative minds, so KIZEN has created a line of shears to unleash your inner creative genius. KIZEN’s left-handed shear is specifically designed to cater to the left-handed stylist and barber. When you’ve learned to work with a true left-handed shear, it can be difficult—and restricting—to cut any other way. Our left-handed shear is designed to work for you, effortlessly, reliably, and loyally for its lifetime.

      KIZEN for Workmanship

      The entire line of KIZEN left-handed shears is crafted to support progressive, cutting edge styling from start to finish. Our left-handed shears are hand-forged and blend traditional mechanics with state of the art technology for the ultimate in styling prowess. Create seamless styles and sculpt hair to perfection with KIZEN’s powerful left-handed shears. KIZEN left-handed shears are expertly designed for use in wet and dry cutting.

      KIZEN for Longevity

      KIZEN left-handed shears come with our internationally recognized lifetime warranty. When you need ultimate peace of mind in your investment, you can count on KIZEN. For the life of your KIZEN left-handed shears, we will cover the cost of repair, replacement, and returns on all material and workmanship defects.

      KIZEN for Service

      Creative minds and industry leaders expect the best from KIZEN. We’re proud to deliver, and we mean that literally. We offer fast shipping to over 30 countries worldwide—and shipping is free on all orders over $100.