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      KIZEN Professional Thinning Shears

      KIZEN thinning shears are designed to support professional hairdressers and barbers in creating exceptional styles for every client.  Every thinning shear in our KIZEN collection is designed to elevate your styles and deliver a premium hair cutting performance for a lifetime.

      Create seamless blends and subtle definition with our lightweight, ultra-durable pieces.

      Craft a unique hair masterpiece with the backing of KIZEN manufacturing excellence.

      Whatever you want to do, KIZEN thinning shears help you achieve it.

      An Investment in Yourself

      The KIZEN line of thinning shears is designed from quality materials and hand-forged to bring our buyers exceptional quality that lasts. All our thinning shears are built to reduce hand fatigue and wrist strain, to keep you in the hair game for longer. KIZEN invests in quality workmanship, allowing you to invest in your craft—all at an accessible price point.

      An Investment in Quality

      Our thinning shears come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty for total peace of mind. Our promise is simple: for the life of your KIZEN thinning shears, we’ll cover the cost of repairs, replacements, or returns on material and workmanship defects.

      An Investment That Delivers

      Our buyers put a lot into delivering the best styles to their clients, day in and day out. We know you don’t do downtime. That’s why when you spend $100 with us, your KIZEN thinning shears will be delivered free and fast to over 30 countries. We don’t keep you waiting for exceptional quality thinning shears.