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      KIZEN Professional Shear Sets

      KIZEN shear sets are designed for the industry leaders and creative minds of the styling industry. Professionals can rely on our ultra-sharp performance shear sets to offer hair cutting excellence for a lifetime. We’ve created each component of our shear sets to work seamlessly in delivering a smooth, high-performance cutting experience every time.

      And because our buyers expect the best, we make sure every component of every shear set we craft is finished to the highest quality.

      The Premium Workmanship You Deserve

      KIZEN buyers are loyal, and so are we. We are proud to stand by our brand and help you deliver the best cut to your clients. All our shear sets are designed from quality materials and crafted to reduce hand-strain, wrist-strain, and hand fatigue. We take care of our buyers to help you stay in the craft you love for longer. Investing in a KIZEN shear set is an investment in your future.

      The Exceptional Performance You Demand

      Our shear sets and their individual components come with a full lifetime warranty for ultimate buyer peace of mind. For the life of your KIZEN shears, we’ll cover the cost of any repairs, replacements, or returns on material and workmanship defects.

      The Brand Excellence You Expect

      We support our buyers in delivering the best in service and style to their clientele. To get your next KIZEN shear set to you quicker, we offer fast shipping to over 30 countries, with free shipping on orders over $100. Creative stylists, professional barbers, and leading salons trust KIZEN for industry-leading shear sets at an affordable price point.