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      KIZEN Professional Swivel Shears

      When your career is your passion, professional hairdressers and barbers can count on KIZEN swivel shears for the ultimate in ergonomic design. KIZEN swivel shears are hand-forged and crafted to offer ultimate control without wrist-strain or fatigue. Create cutting edge looks without compromising your longevity in the industry you love. KIZEN swivel shears accentuate your skill and capture your creativity.

      Pro Workmanship

      Every pair of KIZEN swivel shears are designed with enhanced mobility in mind. Our hand-forged, traditional shear mechanics combine with industry-leading technology to create a swivel shear that reduces strain on your shoulder, elbow, and wrist. When industry-leading stylists and professional barbers expect a premium cutting experience that protects their longevity, a swivel shear is the ultimate asset.

      Ultimate Peace of Mind

      All KIZEN swivel shears come with our industry-leading lifetime warranty for our buyers ultimate peace of mind. Our promise to every one of your buyers is simple: for the life of your KIZEN swivel shears, the cost of repairs, replacements, and returns on material and workmanship defects is on us.

      Fast Delivery

      Creative minds and industry leaders expect the best from KIZEN, and we’re proud to deliver—literally. We offer fast and free shipping to more than 30 countries worldwide on every order over $100.