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Industry-leading hairdressers, pro barbers, and creative stylist count on KIZEN shears to deliver on quality, performance, and price—with a lifetime warranty. Now shipping to over 30 countries—free and fast.

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It's a game changer when you have professionally made tools. Everything about the look and performance is unlike any other sheers I have handled. I feel fortunate to be able to own and operate such precision. Thank you.

Arlin S.

The best pair of scissors I currently own. They came incredibly sharp, they're well balanced, and they just fit beautifully in my hand. I will absolutely be purchasing the rest of my shears from this site from now on.

Tessa R.

I love these shears! Everything! The color, weight and sharpness. Also the delivery was fast!

Kathleen B.

These were my first pair of shears I purchased after graduating cosmetology school. I love how well they cut and how light weight they are.

Jessica C.

I was skeptical ordering shears online but I am super happy with the shears and my texturing shears!! Like cutting butter! I highly recommend these shears!

Bette W.

Oh my gosh I just got my set in ❤️ the quality is amazing, they're gorgeous and sharp! The case they come in is super nice! I'm very very happy with my purchase.

Autumn S.
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