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      KIZEN Professional Cutting Shears

      KIZEN hair cutting shears offer exceptional performance and premium design with value. Every pair of shears in our cutting line is crafted to elevate your styles and deliver a premium cut for your clientele. We support you in creating seamless hair design with KIZEN’s globally recognized commitment to quality.

      Exceptional Design

      Every pair of KIZEN cutting shears are designed for wet- and dry-cutting, for ultimate versatility. When hair professionals expect a premium cutting experience for their clientele, KIZEN delivers. We blend traditional, hand-forged shear mechanics with industry-leading technology to create cutting shears with longevity. Invest in quality to reduce wrist strain, hand strain, and fatigue, and keep you performing at your peak for longer. We take our craft seriously, and our materials and workmanship reflect that.

      Lifelong Performance

      As with all KIZEN shears, we offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty to give you total confidence. It’s simple: for the life of every pair of shears you purchase from us, KIZEN will cover the cost of repair, replacement, and return on material and workmanship defects.

      Service That Counts

      We know that our buyers don’t have time to wait around—good style doesn’t wait. So we support you with fast shipping to over 30 countries. Better yet, when you spend over $100 with us, shipping is free. Professional barbers, creative stylists, and salon directors trust KIZEN to meet their need for quality, workmanship, and value.